A Look At Cigars And Port On World Tobacco Day!

A Look At Cigars And Port On World Tobacco Day!

I’m not a fan of smoking. I mean, even though Don Draper reminded us how cool a person might have looked doing it, cancer ain’t pretty! So, while I’ve eschewed cigarettes most of my life, I have been known to enjoy an occasional cigar at a party or two. Usually because one of the guys has gotten his hands on some Cubans! I seem to recall an occasion, standing on the rooftop deck of a hotel overlooking the gorgeous nighttime skyline of New York City. Hey, what I’m sayin’ is, you gotta live sometimes! And, since today is World Tobacco Day, I thought I’d share a couple of amazing articles on cigars and Port wine, because Port just happens to be a cigar’s best friend!

Pairing Port With Cigars

Why do cigars and Port wine pair so well? I have NO IDEA! But they do! It’s a thing. Books have been written on the subject! According to Pedro Rocha, a Cuban cigar specialist, the most important thing to remember in pairing Port with a cigar, is that both the wine and cigar should be similar in strength. For a brief pairing lesson, check out this article by Joao Barbosa entitled, “Pleasures: How To Combine Cuban Cigars and Port Wine.”

Getting Personal With Port

Not familiar with Port wine? Well, first of all, it’s a dessert wine. And you all know how much I like desserts! Secondly, the official version is made in Portugal. (Although other wine producing countries make similarly styled dessert wines and call them Port, they’re sort of imposters!) The British made them world-famous. And, they also created a custom whereby couples were given a bottle of Port when they had a new baby, with the idea that the wine wouldn’t be ready to drink until the child turned 21. But not all Ports require that kind of patience! #Phew!

To learn more about Port wine on World Tobacco Day (yeah, I know!) check out this awesome illustration by our friends at Fix.com and check out the full article “A Port Wine Primer” by wine guru Joe Roberts.

A Look At Cigars And Port On World Tobacco Day!

What’s your favorite Port pairing? Let us know in the comments below!

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