A Diva’s Ideas for a Patriotic Summer

Nothing says summer in the United States like a backyard BBQ. We like ours with a good helping of patriotic embellishments—and with Memorial Day and Fourth of July just around the corner, it gives us the perfect excuse to indulge in our patriotism. We like to keep the decorations simple and useable, focusing instead on food, family, and friends.

*Instead of wasting time and money assembling those cheesy plastic centerpieces, why not let your food take center stage? Bowls overflowing with cherries, watermelon, blueberries, and fresh coconut, would be the perfect way to greet your thirsty guests while providing a stunning patriotic visual. Strawberry mojitos anyone? Yes please! Cheesecake with berry toppings? We would happily ask for seconds.

*Red bandanas and star-studded parasols can be purchased in bulk and handed out to your guests to get everyone into that the all-American spirit while keeping them cool and shaded from the summer sun.

*Picnic tables evoke strong childhood memories, but how about mixing it up by painting the red and white stripes of the American flag onto the planks of wood? You liven up that weathered wood while creating a bold statement.

*If your BBQ is planning to transition into the night we love lanterns and votive candles to effortlessly create ambiance. The white glow and warmth that is emitted is a quite touch that creates a great visual backdrop for all photos.

We can only imagine how proud Uncle Sam is of us right now!


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