Fresh Spring Shower Ideas in Just 7 Steps

Looking for Fresh Spring Shower Ideas?

When coming up with summer baby or bridal shower ideas, how creative can you let yourself get? So many ideas have been done time and time again. They all start to look alike, don’t they?

Recently, The Party Goddess! put together a sweet little shower for a very special lady. Everything on the table (besides the paper goods) was DIY! Here’s how we did it:

Fresh Spring Shower Ideas in 7 Easy Steps:

1) After placing some nice white linens on the table, we created a runner made of burlap and tucked the corners in for a clean look.

2) We filled several square, glass containers with gumballs and placed Gerber Daisies directly in the middle. Super crisp, clean, and bright!

Now if you’re wondering about the colorful frames and cakes stands…yes, we made those too!

3) We took a trip down to Goodwill and bought old crystal dishes, heavy wine glasses, and vases…anything that could be glued together to form a stand. You’d be surprised at the beauties you can find for just $1 each!

4) Once we applied silicone sealant to fix the base of the dishes to the end of the stand, we allowed it to dry for 24 hours.

5 & 6) The next step was to spray paint the glass with a frosted spray paint, let dry, and then finish with a glossy coat. Once those dried, we had ourselves some shiny new cake plates. So simple…and fun too!

The picture frames (used as chargers) were a breeze.

7) All they needed was a fresh layer of spray paint to make them sparkle. Once the paint dried, we placed colorful paper inside to complete the look of our outdoor summer shower.

When the ladies arrived, they were giddy to see such color and whimsy.

Just think of all of the things you can do with just a few DIY ideas.

What are YOUR fresh spring shower ideas?

Tell us in the comments below!

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