6 Fabulous Halloween Tips and Tricks!

The anticipation grows as we inch closer to this exciting day of the year called Halloween! This time around we thought we would share some of our top “Tips and Tricks” for the occasion.

Candy Apples!

Indulge your guests with mini caramel apples. To complete the look, add a willow stick to each apple. Cute and clever touch, huh?

Wicked Food!

Do some research and pick a theme with a fun time period such as the 1920’s or 1950’s! Then play up food that was most popular during that time and make it ghoulishly fabulous. Add eyeballs and fingers to the entrees to spice things up.

Adults Can Be Kids Too!

Instead of lemonade, serve some “Ghoulade” for a howling good time. Take cranberry juice, orange juice, vodka, and mix it together. Add some ice cubes that are died black with food coloring. Add edible treats like gummy worms or or gumball eyes to make fabulously cool Halloween cocktails.

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Pumpkin Fun!

Instead of carving out your pumpkins this year, use cool vinyl decals to dress up your pumpkins instead. Less mess and many ways to play!

DIY Bloody Candles!

Use a red candle and melt it onto white candles. Then display them in candelabras for the table centerpieces or the buffet!

Dust Things Up!

Don’t run out and purchase new Halloween decor! Use what you have lying around such as old books or candle holders. Just add some dust using baby powder mixed with a grey powdered paint. Don’t forget the spider webs!


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