A New Twist on the Typical Halloween Party!

We’ve all seen the same ideas year in and year out when it comes to Halloween decor and candies. People have become a bit more creative with certain things like spooky cupcakes and fancy cauldrons but in the end, it all feels somewhat similar.

A great way to spice things up for the adults at this year’s string of Halloween parties can be very simple. Take the usual and turn it into something completely out-of-the-ordinary. For instance, how about these yummy little artisan caramels and gourmet treats by Fusion Sweets?

The flavor choices that they offer are sure to blow any of your guests away! Definitely a break from the norm. They have everything from French Lavender Vanilla and Honey with Sea Salt to Kona Coffee, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Some Like It Hot Thai Habanero, or Roasted Black Sesame. The list of flavors is long and has some of the most intriguing choices I’ve ever seen in a caramel. They even have Masala Chai Spiced and Taro caramels!

Though there’s a myriad of beautiful and tasty treats  on Fusion Sweets’ ETSY page, those really caught my eye.

Another tantalizing idea found at Fusion Sweets is the set of four Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Tarts. If the artisan caramels didn’t do it for you then these tarts surely will! Who can resist a tart with homemade caramel filling, topped with Italian sea salt crystals, wrapped in a tender cookie-like tart crust, and made with Belgian dark chocolate (and just a hint of amaretto)? I know I can’t.

Just look at these! With treats like these at your next Halloween event you are SURE to be the belle of the ball.

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