Cake Pops That Are…Skinny

Soooo, I'm guessing that we're all pretty deep into our holiday preparation and parties by now. If you're anything like me, you've caught yourself taking in about 5 times the amount of calories that you typically consume. Am I right? That's where comes in and saves our waistlines…even if it's just a little bit. The trick is, to make things lighter by using a box cake mix, egg whites and fat free Greek yogurt – no oil, no butter required! When you taste them, you'll never know it. Ingredients: 16.5 oz package yellow cake mix 6 oz plain fat-free Greek yogurt (Chobani) 1 cup water 2 large egg whites 1 tsp vanilla extract baking spray 48 oz Baker's white chocolate (20 oz calculated in n.i)* sprinkles (optional) 48-50 lollipop […]

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