How To Keep Up With The Latest Event Trends

Event trends are constantly evolving and growing into different ideas. Here’s a list of my favorites, along with some pictures of one of our luncheons. It was such a fun and fancy-free day! * Good Ol’ Comfort Food! Be on the lookout for sliders and tricked out versions of mac ‘n cheese, etc. This will also be a plus at events where the alcohol is-a-flowin’. * Single Serving! Let your guests mingle while you eat. Serve up some comfort food in portable dishes. French fries in paper cones and mac n’ cheese in mini soufflé cups! * Dipped and Decorated! Mini cupcakes and candy bars are still as popular as ever! Add some dipped and decorated Oreos and cake pops to change up the dessert table. * Signature Drinks! Add […]

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