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Wedding Planner Los Angeles Okay, so when you are cruising around the web for a wedding planner in Los Angeles, and, you’re not looking for the usual, conventional, shall we say, next boring wedding down the line, check us out at The Party Goddess! Just jump on our site at We have some of the freshest, trendiest and most awesome ideas and solutions for your wedding. We offer you an alternative in creating a wedding atmosphere that is anything but the same old, same old. Forget about tradition. We are here for you to make your own traditions, or no traditions at all.

We, at The PartyGoddess! will hook you up with some cool, new thoughts and ideas that will take your wedding to the next level, like:

Styling rides

Way cool drinks

Major lights and sound

Creative food ideas

So, we have totally been to one of those weddings that you definitely don’t want for yourself or your significant other. You know, the one that you didn’t want to go to in the first place, because you just knew that it was going to be so lame and so tired. But, you kind of had to go and then you just hated yourself for it later, right? That just doesn’t work for us. We will totally hook you up with one of the most outrageous and over-the-top weddings your guests will ever have the privilege of being a part of. Just jump on our web site at, to see our cool, awesome pics of our work.

When you’re checking out the web for a wedding planner in Los Angeles, and your head is spinning and your brain is in a haze, because you have been bombarded by all of these different event planners. They promise you a nice event, or the cheapest price, and they’re the best, whatever. That’s not how we work. At The Party Goddess!, we are not the cheapest, and to call ourselves the best is so totally an understatement. We are the coolest, most off-the-wall wedding planners that you could ever imagine for your Big Day.

So, when you and your significant other decide to set the date, because you just can’t think of not being married to each other anymore, just tool around our site at and check out what we do and how we of it. We’ve got a super easy little form that you can fill out, like stat, just to give us a few hints about what you’re looking for. Check out some pics of our work. You can also give a shout-out to The Party Goddess! at 323.222.8376.

When you are looking for a wedding planner in Los Angeles on the web, pop on to our site at We are seeking the absolute coolest brides-to-be so that we can plan your most ultimate, amazing, not-your-Mother’s-wedding. You know that you want a fresh, new approach to tying the knot. We’ll offer you that, and more than your dreams will allow.     Wedding Planner Los Angeles
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Wedding Planner Los Angeles Wedding Planner Los Angeles Wedding Planner Los Angeles