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Wedding Coordinator Los Angeles When you are looking for the hippest, most outrageous wedding coordinator in Los Angeles, check us out at The Party Goddess! We are the totally newest, freshest and most off-the-wall wedding planners in the LA area. Just check us out at to look around and see how we can make your Big Day an awesome alternative to the coolest day that you could only dream of. We don’t promise you a special day, or a nice event, we just do our thing to give you an over-the-top totally outrageous wedding gig that you and your significant other will have bragging rights over.

The Party Goddess will totally hook you up with the trendiest and coolest ideas to make this to-do absolutely awesome, like:

Totally kicking rides

Awesome twists on eats

Wickedly potent drinks

Custom Decor

Okay, so when you are streaming the web for the next generation of awesomeness when it comes to your wedding coordinator in Los Angeles, we, at are so waiting to be your wedding planner go-to. We will just totally transform any ideas or thoughts that you may have about your wedding, into the most celebrated, talked about, wish we could do it again event that you will ever experience. When you let us do our thing, we will do it all. We have over 20 years of wedding party experience in the LA area, and we bring that experience to you in the coolest, newest and freshest way.

It’s super easy to let us show you what we do, and how we do it. You and your significant other can jump on our web site at and tool around the site, as you become totally amazed with the content that we have for you. You can check out some really awesome pics of our work, so you can see what we will bring to the table. We’ve got a really easy little form to fill out just to give us a clue into what you’re looking for. Or, totally give us a shout-out at 323.222.8376. Hey, no worries. We'll get right back at you.

So, we most definitely get it about the last time you went to a wedding, and like, it was a snooze-fest, and you just had to blow that scene, right? You will never have to wonder or worry about that when you lay this day at our feet. Your wedding will be the most outrageous,(and we mean that in an awesome way), off-the-wall blow out party that you will be talking about and remembering for years to come. You’ll have to eventually ask your guests to leave, because it’s totally the Honeymoon time, right?

As you are searching the web for your wedding coordinator in Los Angeles, what are you looking for? The same old lame, tired wedding party? No way! You are looking to The Party Goddess! for a truly exciting, new twist to your new life, in your own way. Live, laugh and love, my dear friends.  Wedding Coordinator Los Angeles
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Wedding Coordinator Los Angeles Wedding Coordinator Los Angeles Wedding Coordinator Los Angeles