Spokane Senior Portrait Photographer

A portrait photographer is a perfect person for your next personal image. Professional portraits create a powerful image you want to display. At Kelly Tareski Photography we work with each client to make every portrait special.

Why should I hire a professional photographer?

Using your friends or sticking to the status quo does not help you stand out from the crowd. Professionals spend years honing their skills. They know how to use professional software, possess the high-end equipment which far outperforms camera phones, and has an intimate understanding of the artistic components that bring out your best features.

Image is important. Many people make critical decisions based on look. Whether you are applying for a job or to an educational program or looking for a date, the first thing many people notice in the age of LinkedIn and Facebook is your profile picture. Looking your best opens opportunities while helping you stand out.

Senior portraits are particularly important. Not only do they provide your posterity with a carefully cultivated image but are also viewed by your first employers, academic, and sports organizations. A generic or poor picture does not help open doors.

Our team knows the power of a good portrait. We employ a makeup artist and scene designer, tailoring the background, clothing, and you to provide the highest quality possible. This gives our clients complete control over their image. Our website offers a sample of our portraits.

Where can I find a portrait photographer in Spokane?

Spokane offers a small town feel in a medium-sized city. We blend the rustic with the modern, capturing the essence of the area. This is perfect for contemporary portraiture.

To fully embrace your inner essence, it is important to find a qualified professional. Anyone can pick up a point and shoot camera but only a professional can make you pop.

Everything combines to make a portrait work for you. Angles, clothing, and scenery combine to create the image you want to show the world. Portraits are a chance to embrace your inner self and push a brand which opens doors. Imprint yourself in the mind of potential employers, family, organizations, and romantic interests.

Kelly Tareski photography is an award-winning organization. We won the Portrait Masters bronze award in both 2017 and 2018 and work hard to keep the winning streak alive. Our complete service is part of what helps us stand out from the crowd. We attend to our clients from the time you step into the studio to the last flash of the camera.

Our national recognition is not limited to portraits. Our team received recognition from Expertise in 2016 and 2018 as Spokane’s best photographers. The International Model and Talent Association recognized our ability to produce quality headshots in 2017 and 2018. Our ability to create an impact is not unnoticed.

If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, a portrait photographer can help. Get in touch with a professional today to find out more or visit our website to view our portfolio.

Spokane Senior Portrait Photographer
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Spokane Senior Portrait Photographer
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Spokane Senior Portrait Photographer Spokane Senior Portrait Photographer