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We all grew up with pasta and dumplings. There is nothing like a reach and creamy pasta dish. When combined with meat, there is no better combination of savory and hearty. Pelmeni bring back memories of childhood and Pelmen foods offers the finest perogies and pelmeni on the market.

What is pelmeni?

Pelmeni is a warm, creamy, cheap, and delicious dish. These small dumplings, originating in Russia, are filled with pork, mushrooms, or other meats. They are the heart of Russian cuisine.

The dough alone, a simple combination of flour and water with optional eggs, creates an unrivaled texture. The best pelmeni dough compliments the meats and cream, which provide an excellent aftertaste.

Regional differences in Pelemeni

This thin pasta hails from the Urals or Siberia. Different regions have different views on how to make these dumplings.

Cooks in the eternal winter of Siberia use the dumpling to freeze and store meats and other foods for long periods of time. They are prepared immediately before eating through boiling. This pasta is typically labelled as Siberian and served with a rich cream to create taste for the hearty meats inside.

Pelmen foods offers the kind of dumpling more associated with nutritious and healthy food. As opposed to their frozen counterparts, our food products consist of high-quality ingredients and are stored at room temperature. They are relatively cheap and convenient but bring rich taste to your table.

Perfect for Sharing

Our products bring tradition and companionship to your home. Pelmen dumplings are a product your family and friends can truly enjoy. We do not compromise quality while providing bulk pasta for the entire family.

What is the difference between perogies and pelmeni?

Pelmeni and perogies are extremely similar. Where the pelmeni is of Russian origin, pierogis are more closely related to Easter Europe.

Pelmeni have a much thinner shell, allowing the meat to shine in any dish. They are never served with a sweet filling and rely on the quality of the internal ingredients and sauce to create a truly sumptuous meal.

Are there recipes containing dumplings?

We at Pelmen foods want your family to thoroughly enjoy our products. Combining our pastas with bok choy, sour cream, and garlic offers unparalleled taste.

Asian Style Pelmeni is healthy. Mixing kale or bok choy with garlic, onion, and chicken provides a daily dose of antioxidants and vitamins guaranteed to keep you active.

From fusion to hearty Russian dishes, we want you to enjoy every bite. Our website contains dozens of potential recipes for your next dinner or lunch.

Where can I find pelmeni?

Pelmeni are a specialty food traditionally sold outside of the United States. Pelmen foods strives to provide customers with the highest quality pastas possible.

We supply supermarkets in Chicago, Wyoming, and across the country. If you are looking for a taste of home or something new, pelmeni are a perfect option. Visit our website to find a store near you selling our high-quality products or contact us for more information.

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