Package Dimensioner

Package Dimensioner

Package dimensioner

Automated package dimensioners have revolutionized measurements in the logistics and freight industry. They efficiently, accurately, and speedily measure the weight and volume of freights, including parcels, pallets, and cargo.

Unlike traditional or manual methods of parcel dimensioning, automated systems employ cameras, 3D scanners, and non-proprietary scales to get the most accurate results. Consequently, warehouse owners and other professionals in the shipping industry can optimize their processes and revenues. If your warehouse is still stuck with the traditional dimensioning methods, it's high time you put the power of lightning-quick small package dimensioning to work for you.

Who needs automated package dimensioners?

Automated dimensioning systems can optimize operations across the logistics value chain. Here are some of the businesses that can benefit from Cargo Specter's top-of-the-line automated dimensioning systems:

Carriers: Carriers worldwide can save time, money, and labor by automatically capturing and storing freight dimensions, weight, and images in seconds. What's more? Cargo Spectre's freight dimensioning systems are more affordable and customizable than most other solutions in the market.

Shippers: By using automated systems to calculate package dimensions, shippers can eliminate errors and incur huge time and cost savings on freight operations. Parcels dimensioners would also ensure wares are packaged using the right parcel sizes, thereby minimizing waste.

Warehouses: Accurate measurements are essential to warehouse operations. However, it's particularly challenging to achieve the desired accuracy with traditional weight measurement and dimensioning systems. With Cargo Spectre's automated systems, warehouse managers are guaranteed the much-needed accuracy because the weights and dims obtained are NTEP-certified. The system also increases throughput in the freight receiving process while capturing photos to insulate freight from damage claims. This eliminates the potential for recalls on outbound loads.

Manufacturers: Cargo Spectre's systems help manufacturers by increasing throughput and boosting the visibility of freight volumes and weights. The improvement covers both inbound and outbound freight from all configured terminals. With our innovative digital package dimensioners, manufacturers can easily maintain adequate levels of material for production.

What makes Cargo Spectre's systems better?

Cargo Spectre's cutting edge package dimensioners come at a fraction of what the competitors charge. Thus, you'll be saving huge costs when we partner with us. In the long run, the system grows smarter and upgrades to fit your warehouse needs better, and you'll enjoy even more cost savings. Asides the considerable cost savings, below are some other advantages of Cargo Spectre's dimensioning systems:

  • Maintenance-free hardware and easy-to-understand user interface
  • NTEP certified measurements that can compare with any other system om the market
  • Endless customization and application options as well as data storage possibilities
  • Pay-as-you-go monthly licensing guarantees faster ROI on your dimensioning investment
  • Round the clock USA-based development and support staff
  • Requires no long-term commitment

Contact us for the best automated package dimensioners

Have you been searching for the best system for measuring package shipping dimensions? It would be best if you look no further than Cargo Spectre Dimensioning and Weighing Systems. Our system promises unparalleled effectiveness as well as ease of use, and they guarantee higher revenue and improved processes. Contact us for the best automated dimensioning made easy: call (832) 463-0606 or visit

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