LA Wedding Planner

LA Wedding Planner

When you and your significant other have finally set the date, because it’s like totally now or never, and you are looking for an LA wedding planner that offers a unique and different approach to what the others out there are doing, we would totally dig it if you would give us a shout out at The Party Goddess! to get a move on with this thing. We have the freshest and most cool new wedding ideas and solutions that will totally blow your mind and rock your world. We want to hook you up during this once in a lifetime, (hopefully), event and make it a day that you and your significant other will be proud to own up to.

 We will totally hook you up with some of the craziest ideas and solutions for your off-the-wall, Big Day, like:

    Wickedly Powerful Drinks Totally Kicking Foods Styling, Impressive Rides Customized Decor

When you are checking out the web for an LA wedding planner, you need to make The Wedding Goddess! you're first, and only choice for your own event of the season. When you hop on our web site at, we make it super easy for you to get it together. We offer a way simple little form that you can fill out, like stat, so that we can get right back at you. You can also give us a buzz at 323.222.8376, to get this thing moving along. We totally get it, that you want anything other than your Mother’s wedding. Not a problem. We have no intention of presenting anything to you that your Mom would approve of.

When you’re checking out the web for different ideas and crazy new twists for your wedding, and your head is spinning and you are totally dazed and confused, because you have been bombarded by all of these different event planners. They promise you a very nice affair, or the cheapest price, and they’re the best, whatever. That’s not how we work. At The Party Goddess!, we are not the cheapest, and to call ourselves the best is so totally an understatement. We are the coolest, most off-the-wall wedding planners that you could ever imagine for your Big Day. You will have the ultimate pleasure of having to ask your guests to leave, because it’s totally time for the Honeymoon. Don’t even worry about it. They’ll totally understand.

Okay, so when you and your significant other have finally decided to tie the knot, because the idea of not being married to each other doesn’t work anymore, and you are in need of an LA wedding planner, The Party Goddess! should pop into your mind as the wedding planner that will offer you fresh, new ideas when it come to food, booze, flowers and venues. The entertainment that we offer, along with the most awesome lights and sounds will totally amaze you and your guests. We can take your menu ideas and absolutely kick them up a notch. We’ve got this.




LA Wedding Planner
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LA Wedding Planner LA Wedding Planner LA Wedding Planner