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film catering BC

film catering BC

British Columbia is a great resource for film-makers. Our area offers a range of interesting and exciting locations for films. When the crew is in town they need to be properly fed delicious and satisfying meals that will keep them healthy and happy. Austin Gourmet offers film catering in BC. We have a great menu with plenty of options and are ready to feed your entire crew. Whether you need food for one meal or a week or more, we are happy to help provide nutritious menus.

Film Catering in BC

It’s important to keep your crew well-fed. With long hours on set and few breaks, everyone needs to refuel and recharge with a nutritious meal. Not only are our meals nutritious but they are also tasty. Our extensive menus offer almost endless possibilities for film catering in BC. Whether you need one meal or a week or more of meals, we can provide them.

Our experienced staff will work with you to develop a menu that works best for your group. Start by choosing one of our many menu packages and then let us know of any additions, changes or deletions that you want to make. We are happy to customize your order to ensure that you get exactly what you want. Our menu options include a variety of food items for everyone. You can choose from breakfast, lunch or dinner options or grab and go platters.

Plenty of Menu Options

Breakfast for the crew is simple when you offer some of our morning film catering in BC favorites. Start with a base menu where you choose from breakfast breads, bagels, burritos or our popular Canadian and Okanagan selections and more. Then, choose additions such as yogurt, oatmeal or granola. We also provide coffee and tea options as well as cold juice and bottled water.

Do lunch right with a wide array of sandwiches and cold choices. You can also pick from our extensive hot menu items. Our stuffed brioche, pretzel, ciabatta and focaccia buns menu includes an assortment of stuffed sandwiches filled with high quality meats and cheeses. Our rustic sandwich menu includes sandwiches served on gourmet bread filled with ham, chicken salad, smoked turkey, roast beef, salmon salad, egg salad or more. Our platters come with fresh fruit, seasonal vegetable crudités and dip and choice of dessert squares or cookies.

Tips for Feeding a Hungry Film Crew

Your crew will work best when they are properly fed. Junk food simply won’t get them by. Instead, choose menus that will be filling while also providing the nutrition necessary to get through the day. Consider the needs and preferences of your group. If you have a large crew remember to include some vegetarian choices to keep everyone happy. Include some juice, coffee and tea and bottled water so everyone can stay hydrated. Providing food for your film crew is easy when you choose a top company for film catering in BC. Visit Austin Gourmet today to view our menu options and to schedule your catering needs.

film catering BC
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film catering BC
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film catering BC film catering BC film catering BC