Easy Decorating Ideas!

We’ve all been there: you’re busy with the day to day aspects of running your life, but you need to glam up your table (or house, office) before the guests arrive. Whether you’re short on time or cash, here are a few simple ideas to get your space ready for […]

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Helpful Websites

Since party planning is a lot about being very organized. I love shortcuts, so I am giving you a few really helpful websites here. Hopefully, they will make life a little easier! * www.franklincovey.com (I have taken their classes and used their planners forever so I am totally biased toward […]

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Easy Online Shopping!

Need Help With Your Holiday Shopping? By the end of this week, I was really nervous that I had not done a lot of my holiday shopping. Considering myself fairly organized and in general up tight about deadlines, I started to get panicky. To ease my nerves, I got proactive […]

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What to do when you’re stressed!

Yesterday started out just great and ended with lots of stress. Argh! It was the worst. One really important quality that a party planner needs to have is the ability to handle lots of stress. I have been in situations at events where the world seems like it is literally […]

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Where do you get your inspiration?

I am constantly asked: How do you think of these things?! I can’t answer exactly where my ideas come from. I can tell you though that they occur to me during some very odd activities. Yesterday, I went with my family to the human body exhibit (I forget the exact […]

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The Holidays…Again?!

Of course I should be the first person to realize that it’s the holidays, considering it is my business and pretty much my whole life! However, like a lot of people, December always seems to sneak up on me. Over the weekend, I was really inspired by the barrage of […]

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