Goddess of the Week – Antoinette Robinson!

Our Goddess of the Week is event planner Antoinette Robinson! This week, celebrity event planner Marley Majcher picked Antoinette Robinson as the featured Goddess of the Week! Our Goddess this week is a full service event planner who broke out of traditional employment to harness her dreams of entrepreneurship.  Antoinette shares some fantastic advice for fellow women business-owners and inspiration for those who haven’t quite taken the leap yet. Antoinette Robinson had some GREAT answers to her questions! My favorite is her answer to this one: #4 – Question: “Which tv character is your personality closest to?” And Antoinette Robinson’s Answer Is…: “Wendy Williams and Kimora Lee Simmons – couldn’t have chosen just one!” Who would your Goddess of the Week be? Be sure to tell us in the comments below! Can’t get […]

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