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Right now, my favorite color seems to be green. So, here are three green cocktails to have some fun with. Cheers!

Out in the Milky Way Martini
(Courtesy of
There are a number of variations to this chocolate martini...and we are sure you'll love to make this martini.

6 ounces of freezing Absolut Vanil vodka
1 Milky Way candy bar sliced into smallish pieces
1 tablespoon of sweet chocolate shavings
2 slightly chilled Martini glasses
A well chilled, stylish martini shaker

The mix
Put the sliced candy bar into your microwave oven and heat until it melts.
Pour the vodka into your cocktail shaker, which is half full of cracked ice.
Shake, shake, shake. A good dozen vigorous shakes should do the trick.
Let your shaker rest while you prep your glasses.
Spoon 1 teaspoon of the gooey candy bar into the bottom of each glass.
Strain the vodka equally (make mine a bit heavier--of course).
Top each glass with some chocolate shavings.
Spin the cool tiki beats of King Kukulele & the Friki Tikis...sip and enjoy!

Screaming Lizard
25 ml Tequila
20 ml Green Chartreuse

Layer in order and shoot.

10 ml Creme de Cacao
10 ml Creme de Menthe
10 ml Bailey's Irish Cream

Layer in order and shoot.

Irish Flag
12 ml Green Creme de Menthe
12 ml Bailey's Irish Cream
12 ml Brandy

Layer in order and shoot.

These recipes were loaned to us from Cheryl Charming at

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