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It's Eye Candy Baby!

Turn today’s technology into a work of art. With a digital camera, a laptop and a projector, you can add drama to any event. Translation: you supply the photos, or we can take them for you. Don't worry about the technical stuff.

Paperless Programs: Toss out the cookie cutter programs and bring in the eye candy. Treat your party guests to something unique and different with a paperless, moving, full color program displayed on a wall or on television monitors throughout the room. Collect cool photos and add words thanking and introducing special guests, schedules, ads and other information about your event. It's like a moving decoration!

Conventions & Meetings: Turn an ordinary event into a Hollywood production. Make your guests the stars of the show. With a little pre-planning and a digital camera, take pictures of your guests during the event and give them a show at the end with music and movement. How cool to have the attendees leave the event knowing they were part of it!

Andy Warhol Party: In December, our Andy Warhol Drama Exhibition used the paperless program and added a twist of The Party Goddess. Custom photos of the Goddess were shot and touched up with a Warhol brush of creativity. This moving drama decoration added a splash of museum contemporary the guests won’t soon forget.

For your own moving art exhibition, call The Party Goddess today.


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