Rich & Famous Party Trends…Do Tell! [Video]

Rich & Famous Party Trends...Do Tell!-blog image

How To Party Like The Rich & Famous? We can all dream, right? What would it be like to be a top celeb in Hollywood and be rollin’ in the dough? Hmmm…with money not much of an issue, what exactly goes into planning such a high profile bash? I know […]

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Angie Harmon’s Girls Afternoon In

Angie Harmon's Girls Afternoon In-blog image

Net/Net: It Rocked! At TPG! Worldwide we’re all about the drama, as in the only thing better than fur and feathers? Well, more fur and feathers. But when the super sophisticated, uber chic Ms. Angie Harmon called us for a low-key set up with her besties, we were all in. […]

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All Hail The Spanx! [Video]

WP - All Hail The Spanx!

When In Doubt, You Bring The Spanx Hey, let’s be honest, we all own a pair or two and if you don’t, WHATEVER (you’ll get there sister)! After our last video blog where Marley shared her Flight From Hell, I thought, “Hey, this is REALLY good. You’re really funny! Give […]

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5 Edible Ways to Say I Love You!

Valentine's Day Foods - WP

Valentine’s Day Foods I love, love, love Valentine’s Day and so naturally I love Valentine’s Day Foods, but c’mon, we can do better than just the Conversation Hearts, although I do love those as well. I know, I know V-Day is so commercialized, overdone, and, quite frankly, can be super disappointing if […]

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Flight From Hell To Orlando, Florida TSE [VIDEO]

Flight From Hell - Featured

Not Even The Flight From Hell Can Bring This Goddess Down! As most of you know, Marley is in Orlando, Florida this week for The Special Event 2016 conference. (Oh, believe me, I’m jealous too but that’s another blog post on its own!) Well, she hasn’t been enjoying the 61 degree weather while we’re […]

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Share Your Fave Goddess Moment!

Goddess Moment - Blog

Channel Your Inner Party Goddess Moment & Share! Vodka & Donuts are the new milk and cookies as far as we’re concerned over here. So we got a great new idea about asking our fellow goddesses to share THEIR favorite Goddess Moment for a chance to win some very fun […]

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