Want to Make Your Own Paper Flowers or Just Be Inspired?

Paper Flowers Made Out Of…. I can’t believe these gorge paper flowers are made of coffee filters. What will they think of next, right? After finding these super fab pictures on bridalmusings.com I just about fell out of my chair, so head over to bridalmusings.com for the full tutorial, but here is a little snippet until you get there: Instructions from Bridal Musings to Make Paper Flowers: 1. Realistic Roses via Emalee Design ~ an in-depth photo tutorial using the intricate petal shape template by Martha Stewart mentioned above. This method is very detailed, it even involves rolling the edge of each petal around a pencil to create a natural effect. Emalee actually made loads of these roses for her wedding decor! However, unless you have a lot of time, I think this style is best suited to small quantities such as […]

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